Cortes del vacuno - Carne Irlandesa

Beef Cuts

We can proudly claim that our beef cuts are succulent, nutritious and packed with flavours just waiting to be discovered through innovative new cooking methods and traditional recipes alike.

So, what's our secret?

So, what’s our secret? Unlike many countries in Europe, in Ireland our cattle spend most of the year grazing on lush, grassy pastures. But there’s plenty to be said for knowing your way around a steer, as different beef cuts can have wildly differing tastes and textures. So, to make the most of your beef, it pays to consider where the cut has come from and what cooking methods will bring out the best qualities.


Cortes del vacuno - Carne Irlandesa

Ox Cheek

Cortes del vacuno - Carne Irlandesa


Cortes del vacuno - Carne Irlandesa


Cortes del vacuno - Carne Irlandesa


sirloin beef


More about Irish Beef

Irish Beef farmers work hard to not only raise their cattle, but to protect the ecosystem and natural resources to keep their Emerald Isle green.

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