Pescado Blanco

The whitefish industry in Ireland lands approximately 20,000 tonnes of whitefish annually, the main species being monkfish, rooster, hake, haddock, sole and turbot. Ireland’s proximity to the best fishing grounds in the Atlantic means that the catch can be landed shortly after being removed from the sea, thus maintaining an unrivaled freshness.

A modern and well-maintained Irish fishing fleet ensures optimal handling and hygiene conditions on board. Many of the species that are fished in Irish waters are subject to specific environmental programs such as the RSS standard accredited by ISO / IEC 17065 which ensures that the processes of capture, traceability, origin, environmental management, education and awareness are carried out. in accordance with the highest international standards.

The quality guidelines help Irish fishermen to assess the quality of their catch and promote good management practices in handling, gutting, ice-cooling, packaging in multiple formats, sizes and packs and storage of fish.